The aim of the Laboratory of Structures and Materials Professor Lobo Carneiro (LABEST) is the numerical and experimental study of construction materials and structures.

LABEST is qualified to conduct static and dynamic analyses on structural components or structures of buildings, bridges, shells, harbor and maritime works, oil exploration offshore systems, hydroelectric power plants, and other special structures.

LABEST is equipped to perform tests on different types of materials such as concrete, metals, viscoelastic materials, resin composites, metallic, plastic and organic fiber cement composites, new types of high and ultra-high mechanical and environmental performance concretes, refractory concretes, micro-concretes used in oil well cementing, roller-compacted concretes, besides new construction and repair materials.

LABEST equipment allows developing studies from the material nanometric scale to the macroscopic scale of real structures. Special analyses conducted are: thermo-chemical-mechanical characterization of cement materials; slow strain, long-term effectiveness, alkali aggregate reaction, other expansive reactions, viscoelastic material characterization and structural identification. Some equipment allow to conduct tests from room temperature to 1200oC. Equipment is available for laboratory tests or field structure monitoring.

Laboratory LabEST in Rio de Janeiro.